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Jasmijn beginners course Ableton Live

“Camiel is truly an amazing teacher! He is communicative, patient, and also very friendly. He maintains an unlimited amount of positive inspiring vibes, and every lesson he succeeds to pass this on onto the students”

Jasmijn Giohalas
Bass Player
Advanced Course Pieter van Oordt

The lessons with Camiel are a joy and musical adventure. He learned me much about electronic music and producing and composing with electronical possibilities. Combining theory with live music and funny remarks, he is an expert in Electronic music education. And a good person. After my classical education on a Conservatory and as a child in music schools and diverse orchestra’s with pro conductors and little music groups, I can say that the Electronic music education by Camiel Daamen is top level I do highly recommend. MATTH

DJ & Producer
Thomas Niezen beginners Course Lessons in Live

A great experience, for someone without any production experience I have learned way more than I would have thought beforehand. Music has become my passion. Thank you Camiel!

Thomas N
Producer / Promoter
Sebastiaan Kraaijveld Testimonials Advanced Course Ableton

What a ride! In the past 8 weeks, I’ve learned more about Ableton than I could ever imagine and I now feel confident enough to make some awesome tracks. Camiel really went in-depth with the incredible features that Ableton Live has to offer and I totally got inspired by his unique way of teaching, full of energy, impulsiveness, and always up for a laugh. Thanks, Camiel!!

Sebastiaan Kraaijveld
Testimonial Ruben Beginners Course

Heb hier mijn Ableton beginners cursus bij gedaan. Echt super veel geleerd, ik kan al echte tracks bouwen! Raad dit echt aan als je zelf muziek wilt gaan maken. Makkelijker en leuker gaat het niet worden!

Ruben Tiben