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General Terms and Conditions Lessons In Live 2023

Clause 1: General Terms

Unless formally changed in writing these general terms and conditions are applicable to the application form of Lessons in Live. Relating to the courses that Lessons In Live offers.

Clause 2: Commitment of the parties

Lessons in Live will provide equipment, office space, and personnel for the lessons offered. For the beginner’s course the student needs to have or bring her/his own laptop and headphone. For Masterclasses, this is not applicable.

Clause 3: Recording the lessons

It is not allowed to record the lessons with any recording equipment whatsoever. Lessons In Live holds the right to remove any participant, without a refund, from the course when he/she continues to record after being warned about removal. In case of spreading recorded lesson material via the internet, legal action will be taken. The online classes will be recorded by Lessons in Live and will be made available to the students via private links.

Clause 4: Cancellation of the course

Cancellation of the registration fee has to be done at least 14 days before the start of the course and will be without additional costs. If done later than 14 days before the start of the course no refund will be received by the participant.

Clause 5: Stopping the course earlier

When the participant decides to stop the course early, no refund will be received by the participant. In some cases like long term illness or other forms of force majeure, this can change. In those cases, there will be agreed on a new date. No refund will be made.

Clause 6: Liability

Lessons in Live are not liable for damage caused by the actions of the participant. The participant shall follow instructions during the course. All damage that is a result of the misconduct of the participant will be recovered from the participant. Lessons in Live holds the right to remove the participant from the course in case of misconduct. The participant is personally liable for own damage to arise during the travel to, from, or during the stay at the course location. The participant hereby indemnifies Lessons in Live from all claims as mentioned in this clause.

Clause 7: Odds

In case of clear odds Lessons in Live holds the right to postpone the agreement without being liable for any damage or costs for the participant. These odds include strikes, delays, exclusions, fire, illness, war, riots, natural disasters, government actions, power failure, weather conditions, traffic barriers, failure of suppliers, failure of recording equipment as well as the suddenly emerging failure of equipment. Reasonably Lessons in Live will look at other dates with the participant(s).

Clause 8: Command and order acceptance

Lessons In Live is only bound by contract when this is accepted in writing through an application form. The participant is severally bound to the written agreement of these clauses. In case an option has been fully booked, Lessons In Live holds the right to refuse an application. In most cases, a place in the next group will be offered.

Clause 9: Payment

The payment for the course has to be made to ​NL97INGB0005679273 ​attn Da-Milio Productions / Lessons In Live. After sending the application form, the participant will receive an invoice through email which is due to be paid at least 14 days before the first lesson. When the installments option has been chosen, the 1st payment has to be paid 14days before the first lesson and the 2nd payment needs to be paid before the 5th week of the course.

Clause 10: Not fulfilling financial obligations

In case the participant, for whatever reason, is not capable of paying the course fee according to the terms. Lessons in Live hold the right to exclude the participant from the course.

Clause 11: Privacy Law

In regards to the privacy law hereby is stated that there is a possibility that Lessons in Live will take pictures/videos during classes. In case the student does not want to be photographed the student can mention this to the teacher. Also, the requested information and personal details will not be used for commercial purposes and will not be sold to 3rd parties.

Clause 12: Applicable Law

The Dutch law applies on these terms in case of disputes arising out of these provisions. Signature: