Lessons in Live is the educational platform of dj, producer and live performer Camiel Daamen. A school to learn how to produce modern electronic music. With 20 years of experience in the music field Camiel has a lot of information to share with his students.

As an electronic music artist Camiel has travelled through Europe with his dj and live-sets for a few years. He performed in Berlin, Cologne, London, Malta, Ibiza, Macedonia, Poland and played festivals like Mystery-land, Amsterdam Open Air, Paradigm Festival, Mystic Garden Festival and many more. 


Besides his artist endeavours he is one of the founding fathers of Dancefair. An event in Holland for aspiring producers and djs that has 5000 people attending every year. He helped setting up the event in its first two years and still is involved by doing masterclasses there every year.

Often you’ll find him sharing his ideas about making music in Holland and abroad. He’s a in-demand speaker for events and organisations like Dancefair, Ableton, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sound Education and the SAE institute Amsterdam. Talking about his 20 years of experience in music production, live performance and workflow.

With Lessons in Live he organises masterclasses, producer hangouts and jamsessions throughout Holland. Next to these events he teaches his Electronic Music Courses where he inspires ambitious musicians to make music. 


The Focussed Beginners Course (Ableton)


You will learn how to make music with Ableton Live in 5 weeks. Here’s the course overview:

  • What is Audio, how do our ears work, Ableton introduction, Audio tracks, Midi Tracks, How to make beats, Music Theory Basics Major/Minor scales and chords, How to create Bass, Melody and Harmony, Audio FX & Return Channels, Recording Automation, Sound Design basics, Sampling & Recording AudioBasic Mix-down & Mastering, Finalising your own track, Rendering your track. 

What do you need: Laptop with Ableton Live + headphones

Goal: You will know the basics of making music with Ableton Live. You will know about sound processing, sampling, sound design, arranging and mixing music and you have produced your first own record at the end of the course.

The inspiring advanced course (any DAW)

A 4-weeks course in which you will learn more in-depth productions techniques. 

  • Arranging and workflow, mixing techniques like parallel compression, midside EQ, Widening. Live performance, how to build a liveset. Various production techniques and tips. Sounddesign advanced including FM synthesis and Wavetable synthesis. More sampling techniques and some tips on how to get signed and how to approach labels. Also there will be 3 Masterclasses from various professionals in the scene. 

For more information about these courses call use the contact page or mail to info@lessonsinlive.com or call +31(0)624308381.


Lessons In Live DJ Course vinyl/CDJS

During this DJ course you will learn how to DJ with CDJ’s or the classic vinyl players. Camiel Daamen will introduce you to ‘the art of djing’. The course starts with analysing electronic music, how is the music composed and structured. What is a bar and why do you need to know this in order to dj. You will learn how a turntable/CDJ works and what are the different functions. You’ll learn how a mixer works so you can mix tracks over into each other. Timing your transitions and using EQ along the way will be explained in great detail. After finishing the course you will be able to mix two records and you can start recording your own podcasts and demo’s. Who knows.. you might be the next one playing in the clubs soon!

Private Lessons:

1 Person

Length of lesson: 1,5 hours

Costs: € 200,- (ex btw)

Duration: 1 Month ( 4 x 1,5 hours)

Duo Lessons:

2 People per class

Lenght of lesson: 2 hours

Costs: € 175,- (ex btw) per person

Duration: 1 Month ( 4 x 2 hours)

Lesson 1: The turntable / CDJ explained and how is electronic music structured. Start a record in time. Beat matching using the pitch control

Lesson 2: Start a record in time with the playing record and more beat matching. Mixer, volume, EQ, pre listening explained

Lesson 3: Beatmatching, creating transitions, output level rules, Mixing in key and making harmonic mixes.

Lesson 4:Recap of all what was learned. Some tips and tricks to spice up performance and ideas about how to structure a music library.



Private lessons by Camiel Daamen are an in demand inspirational boost for anybody at any stage in the musical journey. 

Sound design, live performance, workflow, mixing anything that needs a nudge up can be called upon. Online skype/zoom sessions are also available. 


The rate for a session is €100,- ex. 21% tax per hour. Usually the sessions will be two hours to a maximum of 6 hours per day. 


Mostly sessions of two hours are planned with the student and from there will be determined if and when a 2nd session is needed, depending on the amount of time the student spends with the new information.  


Also working with a personal development plan is an option to get better results. Usually through a call with the student beforehand to see how we can best plan the lesson and afterwards to see how things are going with the new input. 

For more information or to make a reservation for Camiel's services please email info@lessonsinlive.com, call +31 624308381 or use the contact page below. 


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