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For someone was not a fan of of technology, Camiel made Ableton a fun adventure. You rarely find an instructor that passionate and knowledgeable. I really enjoyed the Ableton course and I’m still processing everything I’ve learnt so far, because we learnt a lot on a short period. A big thumbs up!

Vocalist / Songwriter / Speaker

What an Ableton wizard this guy! He really kickstarted my live setup.. something I wanted for years. Camiel makes everything look easy and simple. He will also provide you with a good dose of motivation along with it. He leaves no question unanswered. Book this guy!

Noraj Cue (Happy Camper Records, Tale & Tone)
DJ & Producer & Live-act

Camiel Daamen has to be about the most inspirational music teacher I’ve come across in my days. I wish i had someone like him when I was young but glad to have such a fast and inspirational Ableton pro close to me.

I highly recommend following his courses as it teaches you not only the tricks and tips of ableton live, producing, mixdowns.

But most importantly gives you instant motivation to hit the studio, try new things and love the music you are making because its your own. Its about the journey and Camiel Daamen‘s methods of teaching bring you half way there..

Unders (Happy Camper Records, Supernature, Kindish)
DJ & Producer

Camiel and I met up for a session over at my studio and he gave me various tips and a lot of knowledge at once, it was truly very useful for my hybrid setup that I tour with.

Maga (Flying Circus - Stil Vor Talent - Supernature - Klassified)
DJ / Producer

Camiel’s deep knowledge and his infectious energy make you just want to make music. His tips & tricks and insights have radically changed my production process. After his course I had the feeling of being in love all over again with making music.

Joep Mencke
DJ / Producer

Camiel has not only helped me with my live performance and mixdowns but also expanded my love and passion for music and production.
He gave me direction and really clean workflows that I could instantly dive into and make my performance more special, highly recommend.

Michael Ingram (Quackers)
Producer / Liveact

An inspiring Industry Professional, Energy and Music keeps Flowing

Remko Keuter
Audio Engineer

We are really satisfied with the stuff we have learned from Camiel. This guy is your go-to for anything related to Ableton and/or sound-design. In addition to that, he is a very kind, funny and genuine person to work with.

DJ & Producer Duo

Camiel is a great tutor, he makes the course fun and enjoyable yet keeping it professional. I couldn’t recommend Lessons in live highly enough!

Ben Davies
DJ / Producer

When I started to follow my passion with music, everything was so overwhelming and I felt a little bit lost. Working with Camiel brings so much clarity and fun.

He is a real Ableton genius and he always has an answer for your questions. If you wanna become a better producer or DJ you should work with Camiel.

Christoph Henning / ChrisHey
DJ & Producer

Camiel was exactly who I was looking for. We can say he nails his subject. So enthusiastic and always available, he motivates you and answers everything. I learnt so much in such a few! BIG THANK YOU!

Rogue Fire
DJ & Producer

When Camiel enters the classroom, something magical happens. The atmosphere is instantly uplifted and positively charged. You may think I’m greatly exaggerating, but the effect is clearly noticeable. Camiels lessons are very enjoyable, practical, hands on and non fatiguing. Highly recommended!

Ignace Dhont
Sound Education

“Camiel is truly an amazing teacher! He is communicative, patient, and also very friendly. He maintains an unlimited amount of positive inspiring vibes, and every lesson he succeeds to pass this on onto the students”

Jasmijn Giohalas
Bass Player

The lessons with Camiel are a joy and musical adventure. He learned me much about electronic music and producing and composing with electronical possibilities. Combining theory with live music and funny remarks, he is an expert in Electronic music education. And a good person. After my classical education on a Conservatory and as a child in music schools and diverse orchestra’s with pro conductors and little music groups, I can say that the Electronic music education by Camiel Daamen is top level I do highly recommend. MATTH

DJ & Producer

A great experience, for someone without any production experience I have learned way more than I would have thought beforehand. Music has become my passion. Thank you Camiel!

Thomas N
Producer / Promoter