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Lessons in Live is the educational platform of dj, producer, live performer and Ableton Certified trainer Camiel Daamen. It’s a school to learn how to produce modern electronic music. With 20+ years of experience in the music field Camiel has a lot of information to share with his students.

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Camiel Daamen

Camiel Daamen

DJ | Producer | Live Performer

Ableton Certified Trainer
Camiel Daamen Paradigm

Electronic Music Artist

As an electronic music artist Camiel has travelled through Europe with his dj and live-sets for years. He performed in Berlin, Cologne, London, Malta, Ibiza, Macedonia, Poland, Turkey and played festivals like Mystery-land, Amsterdam Open Air, Paradigm Festival, Mystic Garden Festival and many more.

Besides his artist endeavours he is one of the founding fathers of Dancefair. An event in Holland for aspiring producers and djs that has 5000 people attending every year. He helped setting up the event in its first two years and still is involved by doing masterclasses there every year.

Music Production Teacher

Often you’ll find Camiel Daamen sharing his ideas about making music in Holland and abroad. He’s a in-demand speaker for events and organisations like Dancefair, Ableton, Amsterdam Dance Event, Sound Education and the SAE institute Amsterdam. Talking about his 20 years of experience in music production, live performance and workflow.

With Lessons in Live he organises masterclasses and producer hangouts throughout Holland. Next to these events he teaches his Electronic Music Courses where he inspires ambitious beginning and advanced musicians to make more music.



DJ & Producer

The lessons with Camiel are a joy and musical adventure. He learned me much about electronic music and producing and composing with electronical possibilities. Combining theory with live music and funny remarks, he is an expert in Electronic music education. And a good person. After my classical education on a Conservatory and as a child in music schools and diverse orchestra’s with pro conductors and little music groups, I can say that the Electronic music education by Camiel Daamen is top level I do highly recommend. MATTH

Ignace Dhont

Sound Education

When Camiel enters the classroom, something magical happens. The atmosphere is instantly uplifted and positively charged. You may think I’m greatly exaggerating, but the effect is clearly noticeable. Camiels lessons are very enjoyable, practical, hands on and non fatiguing. Highly recommended!

Rogue Fire

DJ & Producer

Camiel was exactly who I was looking for. We can say he nails his subject. So enthusiastic and always available, he motivates you and answers everything. I learnt so much in such a few! BIG THANK YOU!