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Ableton Beginners Course Recording



Watch back the full 8-weeks Ableton Beginners Course.


You will learn how to make music with Ableton Live in 8 videos. There are 8 recordings of how the class went every week. Upon purchase, you can watch back all the days of the course as much as you want in your account.

Program per week:

Day 1:

  • Ableton Interface
  • Making Beats
  • Audio & Midi Tracks explained

Day 2:

  • Making beats 2
  • Using other instruments
  • Sound Theory

Day 3:

  • Basic Music Theory  (Introduction to Music Theory Class by Merlijn Nash)
  • Create Bass, Melody & Harmony
  • Arranging

Day 4:

  • Audio FX
  • EQ & Filters
  • Arranging &Automation

Day 5:

  • Reverb & Delay
  • Return Tracks
  • Arranging & Automation

Day 6:

  • Sound Design

Day 7:

  • Sampling

Day 8:

  • Mixing
  • Finalizing your track
  • Rendering

As I still want to be your online teacher too, I will host a free online seminar every 3 months for everybody that bought the online course so you can ask me questions about Ableton and the course! You will receive an invite through email for these sessions.