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Ableton Intermediate Course Recording



Watch back the full 8-weeks Ableton Beginners Course.


Watch back 4 full workflow lessons of the Intermediate course. Every week I will make a track and go over certain topics and techniques.

Topics that will be discussed:

Day 1:

  • Elements of a track
  • Choosing the key
  • Creating the perfect loop
  • Create movement
  • VSTs explained

Day 2:

  • Warping
  • Easy arranging
  • Create tension and release
  • Creative editing audio

Day 3:

  • Make it sound good
  • EQ, saturation, reverb, and delay
  • Creative Side-chain compression
  • Using shapers
  • Return track tricks

Day 4:

  • Full production workflow
  • Finalize a track
  • Last tweaks and edits
  • Render a good demo

After purchasing this product you will have full access to the 4 weeks of the Intermediate course and you can watch them back as much as you like in your account.