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The Online Inspiring Advanced Course (June)

The Online Inspiring Advanced Course (June)

An 8-weeks course in which you will learn more in-depth production techniques. In 24 hours you will have an abundance of new inspiration to get back in the studio and finish your music.

Arranging and workflow, mixing techniques like parallel compression, mid-side EQ, Widening. Live performance, how to build a live set. Various production techniques and tips. Sounddesign advanced including FM synthesis and Wavetable synthesis. More sampling techniques and some tips on how to get signed and how to approach labels. Also, there will be 2 Masterclasses from various professionals that are working in the music industry.

Goal: You will have more techniques you can use for producing. You will have new information to work on mixdowns, sound design, and live sets. You will be super motivated to get to the studio.


  • Discount Price:  € 295,- (Normal Price €595,) Offer till 1st of June
  • Pay in 2 installments: €345,- (Normal Price €645,-) Offer till 1st of June

Information about the course:

  • You will get 24 hours of group classes
  • Startdate 4th of June 2020
  • Every Thursday between 7 pm – 10 pm
  • Location: Online

Program per week:

Day 1:

  • Introduction
  • Workflow
  • Ways to Trigger Creativity
  • Tricks That Stick

Day 2:

  • Feedback Session
  • Get out of the loop
  • Creating multiple arrangements on the fly
  • Map 8
  • Using LFO’s & Shapers

Day 3:

  • Sync with your synths
  • Sound Design
  • Subtractive Synthesis
  • FM Synthesis
  • One Track, One Synth

Day 4:

  • Deeper Synthesis adventures
  • Wavetable Synthesis
  • Granular Synthesis

Day 5:

  • Master your mixdowns
  • Glue Compression in Series
  • Parallel Everything

Day 6:

  • How to build a live set

Day 7:

  • Masterclass Mixing

Day 8:

  • Masterclass Mastering