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Sound Design Bootcamp Weekend

Sound Design Bootcamp Weekend

This bootcamp is designed so you learn the basics of the art of Sound Design in one weekend. By blocking 3 days in your calendar to make one track with one synth and, getting classes in between, you will have the basic knowledge, needed to understand synthesizers and Sound Design.

You will make everything with Operator, after this weekend you will know how to make Kicks, Bass, Drums, Synths and FX all using only one synth. This will give you a head start in diving deeper in Sound Design.

We will cover all the Sound Design basics and you will make one full track in one weekend using Operator. Guided everyday by yours truly.

IMPORTANT: Block your whole weekend. Learning sound design takes time, dedicate about 4 hours per day and you will have a full track by the end of the weekend. This will lay a perfect foundation for your Sound Design knowledge!


  • Price: € 40,-

3% of the profit goes to https://www.erabrazil.com. An organization that helps farmers in Brazil grow smarter. 

Information about the bootcamp:

  • You will get 9 hours of group classes in 3 days
  • Startdate 27th of October 2023 til 29th of October
  • Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 7 pm – 10 pm CET
  • Location: Online
  • Ableton Certified Trainer
  • Free Serum Preset Pack
  • Wavetable and Operator Preset Pack

Program per week:

Day 1:

  • Sound Theory
  • Oscillators
  • AMP and Pitch Envelopes
  • Filters
  • Using Audio Effects

Day 2:

  • Filter Envelopes
  • Unison
  • LFO’s

Day 3:

  • Results of the students
  • Wavetable Synthesis & FM Synthesis Basics
  • Questions and take aways
  • How to keep learning