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Lessons in Live - Open Day

Lessons in Live - Open Day

Always wanted to start with Ableton but never got through the barrier. My Ableton beginners course is designed to get you to make tracks in 8 weeks.

You will learn about the interface, how to make beats, melody and harmony and you will learn about audio FX like EQs, filters, reverbs and delays. You will also learn the basics of sampling, sound design and mixing.

On this open day you can ask me anything about Ableton. Any question you might have will be answered. Also you can inform about my courses and how they are structured. You can see the contents of the handouts and snippets from previous sessions with students.

It is a nice way to get to know each other and I will be able to help you further with what you already know about Ableton right there and then.

Also if you decide to sign up for the course during or after the open day I will provide you a discount code with which you will receive a €100,- discount when registering for the course!

See you online!