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Dive In Live w/Rob Hes (Pursuit, Bedrock, Ovum, Sci+Tec)

Dive In Live w/Rob Hes (Pursuit, Bedrock, Ovum, Sci+Tec)

Very excited to have my friend Rob Hes in the next Dive in Live stream. We both were raised in Hoorn and have known each other for a long time.
It is great to see that he has moved over from creating hardcore to the more melodic techno side of things. And he did so with great success. Having released on Bedrock, Ovum, and Sci+Tec he has touched some major platforms.
The name of his own label Pursuit says it all. He recently started a mastering service so I guess that is the next Pursuit for him 🙂
Looking forward to speaking to him about his recent adventures and the coming ones.
Check out his sounds: https://soundcloud.com/robhes
This stream is brought to you by artist and Ableton Certified Trainer Camiel Daamen.
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