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Ableton Live Introduction Class

Ableton Live Introduction Class

Ableton Certified Trainer & artist Camiel Daamen offers an easy to follow cheap online ‘get to know Ableton Live class’.

In this 3 hour session he will explain the Ableton interface and create a basic musical idea whilst telling you all about the software.


The Interface
Create Drums
Create Bass
Create Pads

There is a little break in the middle to catch some breath. After the session there is 30 minutes to answer questions.

Upon registering you will receive a link to pay and then you will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting which will take place on the 14th of December at 7pm CET time.

Register now and learn how to make beats, bass and a basic musical idea in Ableton Live!

All this is available for €15,- euro per participant. €5,- of this amount will go an organisation that protects the rain forest in Brazil with inventive ideas.

Check out what they do: https://climatesmartbrazil.com

So get inspired while helping the planet.

for more information on Camiel Daamen: https://www.lessonsinlive.com/about/

See you online!