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Online Interactive Intermediate Course

Online Interactive Intermediate Course

Course Details

5 Weeks (15 hours)
  • Elements of a track
  • Creating the perfect loop
  • Choosing your key
  • Easy arranging
  • Create tension and release
  • Full production workflow
  • Make it sound big
  • Ableton Certified Training
  • 50% Discount Ableton
  • 50% Discount Sonarworks
  • 15% Discount Ear Protection ACS
  • Free Lessons in Live Sample Pack
  • Free Serum preset pack

During this 5 weeks intermediate course I will run you through the whole production workflow every week. If you can make ideas but still struggle to get your own sound and if you find it hard to arrange your loops then this course is for you. It is an intensive course with a weekly assignment to make sure you finish the course with a few full tracks.

Every week we start with your tracks, we do a feedback round and then I create a track. One time starting from scratch and other times starting from a loop so we can cover the full workflow. You will also be working on music yourself during the classes.

This course is designed to have you finish more music. You will practice the full process for 5 weeks in a row kick-starting your flow.

Goal: You will be able to finish a full track more easily. You will know more about the full process that goes into making a track.


  • Price: € 400,-

1% of the profit goes to https://www.erabrazil.com. An organization that helps farmers in Brazil grow smarter. 

Information about the course:

  • You will get 15 hours of group classes
  • Startdate Monday 16th of September 2024
  • Every Monday between 7 pm – 10 pm
  • Location: Online
  • 50% Discount Ableton Live
  • 50% Discount Sonarworks
  • 15% Discount ACS Ear protection
  • Ableton Certified Trainer
  • Free Serum Preset Pack
  • Free Lessons in Live Sample Pack

Program per week:

Day 1:

  • Elements of a track
  • Choosing the key
  • Creating the perfect loop
  • Create movement

Day 2:

  • Make it sound good
  • EQ, saturation, reverb, and delay
  • Creative Side-chain compression
  • Using shapers
  • Return track tricks

Day 3:

  • How to make a Remix
  • Warping
  • Arranging
  • Create tension and release
  • Creative editing audio

Day 4:

  • Create mini breaks
  • Create big breaks and drops
  • Using samples creatively
  • Using reference tracks

Day 5:

  • Full production workflow
  • Finalize a track
  • Last tweaks and edits
  • Render a good demo