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The Importance of Community

Lessons in Live dOJO

So I am teaching Ableton Live here at Lessons in Live. I do these lessons online so why am I writing about Community? Why are communities so important? Strong communities are critical because they’re often an important source of social connection and a sense of belonging. Participating in a community bonded by attitudes, values, and goals is an essential ingredient to enjoying a fulfilling life.

Besides feeling happy being in a community, it also motivates you to get the best out of yourself for the sake of the community too. In the whatsapp group of my students I often hear, that one message from somebody about some plugin, triggered them to get back into the studio and make some music that same day!

Being in a community also sort of holds you accountable for pursuing your own dreams. If you see one member of the community thrive you will be inspired to do the same. This is one of the main reason I recently started the Lessons in Live DOJO. (https://www.patreon.com/lessonsinlive)

I started Jiu Jitsu about two months ago and when I got my first grade it suddenly hit me. I had to come in front of the class to receive my grade and then had to walk past everyone to personally receive a ‘congrats’ or ‘goodluck or ‘well done’. Wowzers that stuff is powerful. On my way home the Lessons in Live DOJO was born.

I felt so excited about my Jiu Jitsu journey and the feeling of being part of a group of people that it made me start practicing and stretching at home to become better too.

Long story short. Community motivates, inspirits and makes you feel good about yourself and your journey. If you are in a good DOJO (and in this case a music DOJO), you will learn not only faster but better too. Your music will go next level way faster because you get so much input and you feel good because you don’t feel alone in the journey.

I hope to build a DOJO for everybody where the challenges like create one track with one synth, remix each other or make a track with one kick drum sample are challenging but also exciting because you push yourself to learn more and because you want to inspire the rest of your DOJO members.

I hope to create an atmosphere where everybody feels welcome and where feedback sessions lift somebody up to make that step to chase a first release. Who’s knows what might happen next. I actually have a producer joining me in January for Dive in Live who joined one feedback session last year… now he’s signed to some of the biggest labels out there.

Lots can happen in a year.. especially when you are part of a motivating community.

To join my DOJO or just support my platform go to http://www.patreon.com/lessonsinlive and join the rest of the warriors.