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Consistency Challenge

Consistency blog Ableton Lessons in Live challenge

Learning how to produce music with Ableton or any other DAW is not that hard. If you spend an hour a day as if it was a gym you will be mega strong in one year and ready to release music.

Easier said than done really… We have life taking us on journeys, friends’ birthdays, parties here, after- party there, work and other social obligations. So if you’d like to be successful in music you’ve got to make some interesting choices. I once read something about ‘setting up the circumstances in such a way that you will be productive. This can be informing your friends that for the coming two months you will be focussing on learning something new or focussing on finally finishing those loops.

It’s an essential element in reaching your goals. You have to put in the work in order to see results. 1 track per month or even 1 track per two weeks is not going to cut it. You need to make 2 tracks per week for a sustained period of time so you will get the quality and the output that you need to increase the probability of creating good tracks that will actually be played by other artists. Besides, if you do something every day for a long time you will get way better, faster, and more efficient. And that is next to get better quality. It is so important to start building a healthy habit of making music every day if you really want to be successful.

Therefore I am setting the circumstances up this winter to make as much music as I can. I will move to a new house and build a new studio in October. In December I am going to do a 30-day challenge. Making a track a day for a month. Getting 2-4 hours of music-making in, every day around my other work. If I have to travel I will work on the plane or in Hotel rooms.

I would love you to join this challenge and let’s motivate each other to finish it. In the end, consistency is key to building any successful company or artist career.

I will organize a Dive in Live Feedback Session at the end of December so see what y’all made!