The Online Inspiring Advanced Course

Course details

  • Any DAW
  • 5 weeks (20 hours)
  • Get out of the loop (workflow)
  • Next level mixing techniques
  • From studio to stage (Live performance)
  • Create super sounds (FM, wavetable and granular synthesis)
  • Tricks that Stick (Production Techniques)
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A 5-weeks course in which you will learn more in-depth productions techniques. In 20 hours you will have an abundance of new inspiration to get back in the studio and finish your music.

Arranging and workflow, mixing techniques like parallel compression, midside EQ, Widening. Live performance, how to build a liveset. Various production techniques and tips. Sounddesign advanced including FM synthesis and Wavetable synthesis. More sampling techniques and some tips on how to get signed and how to approach labels. Also there will be a mixing masterclass from a professional in the scene. 

Goal: You will have more techniques you can use for producing. You will have new information to work on mixdowns, sounddesign and livesets. You will be super motivated to get to the studio.

50% discount price:  250,- for the full course online.

You will get 20 hours of group classes via Zoom + 2 hours private sessions with Camiel.


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