The Online Focused Beginners Course

Course details

  • Ableton
  • 5 weeks (20 hours)
  • Learn the Ableton Interface
  • Creating Beats & Bass
  • Sound Design & Sampling
  • Arranging and Mixing
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You will learn how to make music with Ableton Live in 5 weeks. Here’s the course overview:

What is Audio, how do our ears work, Ableton introduction, Audio tracks, Midi Tracks, How to make beats, Music Theory Basics Major/Minor scales and chords. How to create Bass, Melody and Harmony, Audio FX & Return Channels, Recording Automation, Sound Design basics, Sampling & Recording Audio, Basic Mix-down & Mastering, Finalizing your own track, Rendering your track.

What do you need:
Laptop with Ableton Live + headphones

You will know the basics of making music with Ableton Live. You will know about sound processing, sampling, sound design, arranging and mixing music and you have produced your first own record at the end of the course.

50% Discount price:  €250,-

You will get 20 hours of group sessions and 2 hours of private sessions with Camiel Daamen.

Next startdate: 20th April 2020

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